5.000 views and some new lyrics

Good evening everyone!

Today we rounded 5.000 views, and that’s just after a good couple of weeks on WordPress. Thanks to all of you visiting.

There are still material from the old website waiting to be published here. Today another 20 lyrics got published, and we reckon to do so through the next days as well.

Hope you enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to give a reply.

Good start!

Off to a good start here at WordPress! Well over 200 views on the first day.

Many of the ones visiting our site are looking for chords, and I am sorry to those of you who came to a dead link. -I’m currently converting previous chords into a new format, and unfortunately it takes a little while.

But give me a few days, and the chords will be there! -And then I can concentrate on making new chords for songs that haven’t been on the list. Please come with suggestions!

Unofficial Johnny Cash dot com open!

Hi there!

From today of, this site is the new http://www.unofficial-johnnycash.com!

The biography has been successfully transferred to this new format. Discography is a work in progress.

The chords are also in the making, but will take a few days to complete as we struck on a few difficulties.

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