New addition – Discography

Hi everyone!

The discography section has been updated. It now includes a list of all LP’s and singles from each label. There are probably thousands of compilations out there, so the list is far from complete.

There will be information on some of the albums and singles. -Dedicated articles about them. We’ll get to this in orderly fashion, and with inspiration from Johnny Cash himself – one piece at a time!

Have a good one everybody! And please let us know if you’re missing something.

Lyrics on the way!

With the chords successfully transferred to this new site, we’ve started with the lyrics!

Check out the lyric-page here. -Keep checking in, ’cause there be a lot of new lyrics published during the next couple of days!

So far 14 lyrics are published. Another couple hundred are in the works! See for example A Boy Named Sue.

Follow the blog for updates on e-mail when there are development on! -Also follow us on Twitter! Check on your right-hand side for information on how to follow (or at the bottom if you are a smartphone-user).

Best regards

Good start!

Off to a good start here at WordPress! Well over 200 views on the first day.

Many of the ones visiting our site are looking for chords, and I am sorry to those of you who came to a dead link. -I’m currently converting previous chords into a new format, and unfortunately it takes a little while.

But give me a few days, and the chords will be there! -And then I can concentrate on making new chords for songs that haven’t been on the list. Please come with suggestions!