Johnny Cash – A great artist!

Johnny Cash passed away in 2003, but is still with us through the music he left behind. -And what great music it is!

In the biography here you can read about Cash’s life, career and more. And here’s a line from the section including his passing:

A great artist through almost 50 years is no longer with us in person, but his spirit lives on in all the songs he has written and the countless songs made famous by him.

Let’s enjoy the music, and enjoy the weekend!

Want to play some Johnny Cash on your guitar? You’ll find a lot of chords here.

IMG_6502.JPGTime magazine’s tribute to Johnny Cash when he passed away.

Martin D-35 Johnny Cash

Martin Guitar has a special edition D-35 commemorating Johnny Cash.

We’ve made an info-page here on Unofficial-JohnnyCash dot com, on this guitar for those who are interested!

This is a beautiful guitar which also sounds great! A nice detail to the guitar is the inlay on the fretboard of Johnny Cash’s signature! And the guitars are also signed on the inside by John Carter Cash (son), and Christian Frederick¬†Martin IV (CEO, CF Martin & CO).