Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone! Here’s a little summary of what’s happened in 2014 on unofficialJohnnyCash!

This was the year that UnofficialJohnnyCash went from a stand-alone website, and joined WordPress. The transfer started in August, and there are still some things waiting to be published.

The most popular site of 2014 was, not surprisingly, our Chord-site. It has had about 12 500 views! And the most popular chord wasn’t either a surprise, being Folsom Prison Blues, with 740 views.

What is a bit surprising is that the award-section is the fifth most popular page this year. Interesting, and makes me wanna do more to this page.

Hope you all find the site interesting and to your satisfaction! Let me know if otherwise, and please also let me know if you’re happy! I’m thankful for all the lovely comments, tweets, mails, and more from you.

Have a good 2015 everybody!

Chords are published!

Okay folks!

75 song chords have been published, and one complete album as well!

This is a milestone for http://www.unofficial-johnnycash.com! -And an excellent way to greet the first 600 views of our site!

If you click on Follow on the right-hand side, you will get updates directly to your mail when there are development on this site. We’ll be sure to tell you when we release even more chords, and when more milestones are reached! -So as a complete discography, lyric-site, award-site, and more!

Keep tuning in! -And please let us know if you’re missing something (comment below).

Best regards