Singin’ in Vietnam Talkin’ Blues

Capo 3rd fret

||:   G     |     G    :||

.        G
One mornin’ at breakfast I said to my wife,
.            C
“We’ve been ev’rywhere once and some places twice.”
As I had another helping of country ham, she said,
“We ain’t never been to Vietnam,
.                      G
And there’s a bunch of our boys over there.”
.     C                                      D7
So       we went to the Orient,     Saigon.

.               G
Well, we got a big welcome when we drove in
.            C
To the gates of a place that they call Long Ben.
.       A7
We checked in and ev’rything got kind of quiet.
.           D
But a soldier boy said, “Just wait till tonight.
.                 G                         C
Things get noisy, things start happenin’.
.               D7
Big, bad firecrackers.”

.                 G
Well, that night we did about four shows for the boys
.                        C
And they were livin’ it up with a whole lot of noise.
.       A7
We did our last song for the night
.             D
And we crawled into bed for some peace and quiet.
.                 G                                                   C
But things weren’t peaceful and things weren’t      quiet.
.                    D7
Things were      scary.

.                  G
Well, for a few minutes, June never said one word,
.          C
And I     thought at first that she hadn’t heard.
.            A7
Then a shell exploded not two miles away.
.        D
She sat up in bed and I heard her say,
.                   G                                           C
“What was that?” I said, “That was a shell    or a bomb.”
.                         D7
She said, “I’m scared.” I said, “Me too”.

.         G
Well, all night long that noise kept on,
.             C
And the sound would chill you right to the bone.
.        A7
The bullets and the bombs and the mortar shells
D                                                               G
.      Shook our bed ev’ry time one fell and it never let up.
.                                      C                                    D7
It was gonna get worse     before it got any better.

.                         G
Well, when the sun came up, the noise died down.
.               C
We got a few minutes sleep and we were sleepin’ sound.
.             A7
Then a soldier knocked on our door and said,
.         D                                                 G
Last night they brought in 7 dead and 14 wounded.
.                                   C                                                              D7
And would we come down to the base hospital and see the boys.        Yeah.

.            G
So, we went to the hospital ward by day
.     And ev’ry night we were singin’ away.
.              A7
Then the shells and the bombs till dawn again,
.              D
And the helicopters brought in the wounded men.
G                                       C                       D7
Night after night, day after day, comin’ and goin’.

.            G
So, we sadly sang for them our last song
.     And reluctantly we said, “So long.”
.      A7
We did our best to let ’em know that we care
.        D
For ev’ry last one of  ’em that’s over there.
.             G
Wether we belong over there or not,
.                         C                          D7
Somebody over here loves ’em and needs ’em.

.                   G
Well, now, that’s about all that there is to tell
.           C
About that little trip into livin’ hell.
.              A7
And if  I ever go back over there anymore,
.                      D
I hope there’s none of our boys there for me to sing for.
.                  G
I hope that war is over with
.                     C                                   D7       G
And they all come back home to stay           in Peace.

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