Capo 1st fret

.    I dedicate this song to the workin’ man. For ev’ry man that puts in

Eight or ten hard hours a day of workin’, toil and sweat.

He’s always got somebody lookin’ down his neck,

Tryin’ to get more out of him than he really oughta have to put in.

.         G
After twenty-nine long years of workin’ in this shop
.                               A
With Oney standin’ over me,
.      D7
To-day when that old whistle blows
.                                               G
I’ll check in all my gear and I’ll retire.

The superintendent just dropped by and said they had planned
.                        A
My little get-to-gether.
.               D7                                                                              G
Then he said I’d never made it if old Oney hadn’t held me to the fire.

.       G
I’ve seen him in my dreams at night
.                                                      A
And woke up in the mornin’ feelin’       tired.
.              D7
And old Oney don’t remember when I came here
.                                    G
How he tried to get me      fired.

With his folded hands behind him,
.                                                 A
Ev’ry mornin’ Oney waited at the gate,
.                  D7
Where he’d rant and rave like I committed murder
.                                   G                  A
Clockin’ in five minutes      late.

.              A
But today      they’ll gather ’round me
.                                                       B7
Like I’ve seen ’em do when a man re-tires.
.              E7
Then old Oney’s gonna tell me from now on
.                                    A
I’m free to do what I desire.

He’ll present me with that little old gold watch
.                                           B7
They give a man at times like this.
.                 E7
But there’s one thing he’s not countin’ on:
.                                                 A            C
Today’s the day I give old Oney his.

.         C
I been workin’ buildin’ muscles;
.                                                               D7
Oney’s just been standin’ ’round a gettin’ soft.
.             G7
And to-day about 4:30 I’ll make up
.                                             C
For ev’ry good night sleep I’ve      lost.

When I’m gone, I’ll be remembered as
.                                                    D7
A workin’ man that put his point a-cross.
.            G7
With a right hand full of knuckles,
.                                                              C
‘Cause today I show old Oney who’s the boss.

Mm, what time is it? 4:30?

Hey, Oney? Oney? Ha, ha, ha..  

Fade out


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