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Johnny Cash’s career at other labels

Other Labels

Johnny Cash had to use other minor labels to give out his gospel music. Columbia refused to record something that didn’t sell enough, so Cash released gospel on labels as Renaissance Records, Word Records and Cachet Records (Columbia branch).

There has also been made many, many compiliations of Johny Cash by countless labels. The labels with most compiliations behind them are Bear Family Records and Legacy Records. These are also the most bought and listened to compiliations.


Gospel albums on minor labels:

1979: A Believer Sings The Truth (Cachet Records)

1984: I Believe (Cachet Records)

1986: Believe in Him (Word Records)

2000: Return to The Promised Land (Renaissance Records)


Compiliations of Johnny Cash:

1978: The Unissued Jonny Cash (Bear Family Records)

1978: Johnny & June (Bear Family Records)

1979: Tall Man (Bear Family Records)

1992: The Essential Johnny Cash 1955 – 1983 (Legacy Recordings)

1994: Super Hits (Legacy Recordings)

1998: Johnny Cash: Crazy Country

1999: 16 Biggest Hits (Legacy Recordings)

2000: Love, God and Murder (Legacy Recordings)

2001: 16 Biggest Hits: Volume II

2002: Man in Black: The Very Best of Johnny Cash

2002: The Essential Johnny Cash (Legacy Recordings)

2002: Johnny Cash at Madison Square Garden (Live) (Legacy Recordings)

2003: Live Recordings from The Louisiana Hayride (Live) (Scena Records)

2003: Christmas with Johnny Cash (Legacy Recordings)

2004: Life (Legacy Recordings)

2005: The Complete Sun Recordings, 1955 – 1958 (Time Life)

2005: Walking the Line: The Legendary Sun  Recordings

2005: The Legend (Legacy Recordings)

2005: The Legend of Johnny Cash (Island(American/Legacy/Columbia)

2006: June Carter and Johnny Cash: Duets

2006: Personal File (Legacy Recordings)

2006: The Legend of Johnny Cash Volume II (Island Records)

2014: Out Among the Stars (Legacy Recordings)

If you drop by later, you will probobly find some new compiliations here. There’s a lot of them, and hard to get them in here at once..


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