Discography Columbia Records

Johnny Cash’s career at Columbia Records

Columbia Records

Johnny Cash found Sun Records too small, and wanted to move on. So in 1958 he went to Columbia Records where he stayed for 28 years until 1986.



1958: The Fabulous Johnny Cash

1959: Hymns By Johnny Cash

1959: Songs of Our Soil

1960: Ride This Train

1960: Now, There Was A Song!

1961: The Lure of The Grand Canyon

1962: Hymns from The Heart

1962: The Sound of Johnny Cash

1963: Blood, Sweat and Tears

1963: Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash

1963: The Christmas Spirit

1964: I Walk The Line

1964: Bitter Tears: Ballads of The American Indian

1965: Orange Blossom Special

1965: Sings The Ballads of The True West

1966: Everybody Loves A Nut

1966: Happiness Is You

1967: Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash And June Carter

1968: From Sea to Shining Sea

1968: At Folsom Prison (Live)

1968: Heart of Cash

1968: The Holy Land

1969: At San Quentin (Live)

1969: More of Old Golden Throat

1970: Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

1970: The Johnny Cash Show (Live)

1970: I Walk The Line – Movie Soundtrack

1970: Little Fauss and Big Halsy – Movie Soundtrack

1971: Man In Black

1972: A Thing Called Love

1972: America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song

1972: The Johnny Cash Family Christmas

1972: International Superstar

1973: På Österåker (Live)

1973: Any Old Wind That Blows

1973: The Gospel Road

1973: Johnny Cash and His Woman

1974: Ragged Old Flag

1974: Junkie and The Juicehead Minus Me

1975: The Children’s Album

1975: Sings Precious Memories

1975: John R. Cash

1975: Look at The Beans

1975: Strawberry Cake (Live)

1976: One Piece at A Time

1977: The Last Gunfighter Ballad

1977: The Rambler

1978: I Would Like To See You Again

1978: Gone Girl

1979: Silver

1980: Rockabilly Blues

1980: Classic Christmas

1981: The Baron

1982: The Adventures of Johnny Cash

1983: Johnny 99

1986: Rainbow


There is a division of Columbia Records called Harmony Records. They released some compiliations of Cash.


1968: Golden Sounds of Country Music

1969: This is Johnny Cash

1970: The Walls of A Prison

1972: Understand Your Man

1972: Give My Love to Rose

1972: The Johnny Cash Songbook

1973: Ballads of The American Indian

1973: This is Johnny Cash


Columbia itself also released some compiliations. They contain only previous released material.


1966: Mean as Hell

1967: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

1968: Old Golden Throat

1970: The World of Johnny Cash

1971: The Johnny Cash Collection: Greatest Hits Volume II

1973: Sunday Morning Coming Down

1974: Five Feet High and Rising

1978: Greatest Hits, Volume II

1981: Encore

1982: Biggest Hits


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