Ballad of Boot Hill

Capo 1st fret

Here lies Les Moore,
four slugs from a forty-four,
no Les no more.

Em                               G
Out in Arizona, just south of Tucson,
Em                             D
where tumbleweeds tumble in search of a home,

there’s a town they call Tombstone
where the brave never cry.
Em       D                            G
They live by a six-gun, by a six-gun they die.

Em                                            G
It’s been a long time now since the town was a boon.
Em                                    D
The jailhouse is empty, so’s the Palace Saloon.
Just one look will tell you that this town was real.
Em       D                         G
A secluded old dirt road leads up to Boot Hill.

Em                                     G
Walk up to the fence there and look at the view;
Em                                  D
That’s where they were hangin’, eighteen-eighty-two.
It’s easy to see where the brave men died;
Em      D                     G
Rope marks on the old tree are now petrified.

Em                           G
At night, when the moon shines so far away,
Em                                               D
It gets mighty lonesome, lookin’ down on their graves.
There lies Billy Klen; never wanted to kill,
Em      D                        G
but he’s there with the guilty, way up on Boot Hill.

(Boot Hill.)


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