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We’re happy to see that many people visit the filmography-page her on Unofficial Johnny Cash dot com! -A little bit surprised too, but cool to see the interest!

The filmography so far only contain a list of films and TV-shows Cash were involved in, including the role he played. But there will soon be an updated version of it, which will contain information about each movie.

We’ll start with the movies and shows where Cash played a leading role. Among those we have a brilliant western called “A Gunfight”. Part of the movies poster can be seen right underneath.


Popular chord right now: Love’s been good to me

Right now one of the most viewed chords are for the song Love’s been good to me.

Originally, this song was written by Rod McKuen. -One of the best-selling poets in America in the late ’60s. The song was first made popular by Frank Sinatra, when he made an album dedicated to McKuen-texts.

Johnny Cash recorded this song in 2003, and it was released in 2006 on the album American V: A Hundred Highways. The album-name reflects one of the lyric-lines in Love’s Been Good to me;

“I have been a rover. I have walked alone. Hiked a hundred highways. Never found a home”

Enjoy the chords!

Chord of the day: Sunday Morning Coming Down

The most popular chord today is the Kris Kristofferson song “Sunday Morning Coming Down“.

Johnny Cash once stated in an interview that he thought it was Roger Miller that wrote the song at first. -An artist and songwriter which was known for his sharp pen.

But the song was written, and recorded, of the great Kris Kristofferson. And he also “served” together with Cash in the group success The Highwaymen.

This is a fairly easy song to learn on the guitar, so go a head and give it a try!

IMG_6371.JPG(Picture from M & C)

Martin D-35 Johnny Cash

Martin Guitar has a special edition D-35 commemorating Johnny Cash.

We’ve made an info-page here on Unofficial-JohnnyCash dot com, on this guitar for those who are interested!

This is a beautiful guitar which also sounds great! A nice detail to the guitar is the inlay on the fretboard of Johnny Cash’s signature! And the guitars are also signed on the inside by John Carter Cash (son), and Christian Frederick Martin IV (CEO, CF Martin & CO).


More lyrics!

A bunch of lyrics published today! They’re now counting 89.

And we’re not done counting! Another 157 are in the making! Stay tuned for updates!

Among the 89 published you’ll find hit songs like:

And Johnny Cash’s beautiful version of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt“.

Sing and enjoy!


Now that’s a good start!

Thanks to all of you visiting our tribute to Johnny Cash! Just a few days on the web on this site, and already a thousand views. Remarkable!

Hope to hear from you if you find something you like, something you want to improve, or if you just want to say; “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”!

Have an excellent day!

Lyrics on the way!

With the chords successfully transferred to this new site, we’ve started with the lyrics!

Check out the lyric-page here. -Keep checking in, ’cause there be a lot of new lyrics published during the next couple of days!

So far 14 lyrics are published. Another couple hundred are in the works! See for example A Boy Named Sue.

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