Can Johnny Cash save Dyess, Arkansas?

IMG_6482.JPGDyess, Arkansas might be at the verge of ruin, according to Cash’s daughter Rosanne. Now the town has restored the Cash-family’s old home to attract visitors.

It was in 1935 that the Cash family came to Dyess, Arkansas. This was after the Great Depression, and the family were a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Johnny was three years old at the time. Already at the age of ten, JR had to work full-time in the cotton fields.

Now, almost eight decades later, the home has been put into its original standards, and is about to be opened for the public. Cash’s brother Tommy, and sister Joanne have overseen the refurbishment, and feel that the place look close to what it was like all those years ago. Joanne made these remarks in an interview with New York Times:

It took a lot of hard work. It’s been very emotional for me. The most meaningful item was the piano. We used to gather around that piano at night and sing gospel for an hour. That was our entertainment.

Let’s hope that Johnny Cash can save Dyess from ruin! If you have a chance to stop by, I would think this would be an interesting visit!


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