Learn from Johnny Cash

“Be like Johnny Cash when starting your presentation”. That was the title of a video presentation I stumbled upon online today. As a great fan of the man in black, I got intrigued.

The presentation, short and to-the-point as it was, gives a very good tip to everyone giving speeches, performances and presentations. The manner of which Johnny Cash started his performances is one of the things about him that people remember. The short, simple line – “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” – captured the audience.

The Vimeo-video focused on how you can use the same principle in business-life. Johnny Cash waited until the audience was completely focused on him, and everyone’s eyes were pointed at him, and gave away this genius line that made him famous.

Try it yourself sometime! -Wait until everyone’s looking at you, and give a line you want everyone to remember. Maybe the most important point of your presentation?

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting video, and a great way to learn from Johnny Cash!

IMG_6503-0.JPGThe video-presentation is made by Manny Ramos Communications.

Johnny Cash – A great artist!

Johnny Cash passed away in 2003, but is still with us through the music he left behind. -And what great music it is!

In the biography here you can read about Cash’s life, career and more. And here’s a line from the section including his passing:

A great artist through almost 50 years is no longer with us in person, but his spirit lives on in all the songs he has written and the countless songs made famous by him.

Let’s enjoy the music, and enjoy the weekend!

Want to play some Johnny Cash on your guitar? You’ll find a lot of chords here.

IMG_6502.JPGTime magazine’s tribute to Johnny Cash when he passed away.

New addition – Discography

Hi everyone!

The discography section has been updated. It now includes a list of all LP’s and singles from each label. There are probably thousands of compilations out there, so the list is far from complete.

There will be information on some of the albums and singles. -Dedicated articles about them. We’ll get to this in orderly fashion, and with inspiration from Johnny Cash himself – one piece at a time!

Have a good one everybody! And please let us know if you’re missing something.

Can Johnny Cash save Dyess, Arkansas?

IMG_6482.JPGDyess, Arkansas might be at the verge of ruin, according to Cash’s daughter Rosanne. Now the town has restored the Cash-family’s old home to attract visitors.

It was in 1935 that the Cash family came to Dyess, Arkansas. This was after the Great Depression, and the family were a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Johnny was three years old at the time. Already at the age of ten, JR had to work full-time in the cotton fields.

Now, almost eight decades later, the home has been put into its original standards, and is about to be opened for the public. Cash’s brother Tommy, and sister Joanne have overseen the refurbishment, and feel that the place look close to what it was like all those years ago. Joanne made these remarks in an interview with New York Times:

It took a lot of hard work. It’s been very emotional for me. The most meaningful item was the piano. We used to gather around that piano at night and sing gospel for an hour. That was our entertainment.

Let’s hope that Johnny Cash can save Dyess from ruin! If you have a chance to stop by, I would think this would be an interesting visit!


5.000 views and some new lyrics

Good evening everyone!

Today we rounded 5.000 views, and that’s just after a good couple of weeks on WordPress. Thanks to all of you visiting.

There are still material from the old website waiting to be published here. Today another 20 lyrics got published, and we reckon to do so through the next days as well.

Hope you enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to give a reply.

(Ghost) Riders in the sky – Popular chord!

The last days there’s been one chord which has reached top three on the visit-counter: (Ghost) Riders in the sky!

This is a song Johnny Cash made a cover version of. The original song was written by Stan Jones in 1948, and has been recorded by at least 50 artists. Among my personal favourites (in addition to Johnny Cash of course) is the version performed by the Blues Brothers in the movie “Blues Brothers 2000”.

It has been said that Stan Jones wrote the song based on a story he heard as a kid. -Scary story for a kid..?


Popular right now: Don’t take you guns to town

The chords to “Don’t take your guns to town” is the most visited page right now.

The single was released in December, 1958, and went straight to the top on US Billboards Hot Country Singles. The single actually stayed on top of the billboard for 6 weeks, and also made a respectable 32nd place on the Pop-charts.

Johnny Cash wrote the song himself, and as far as we know has the song only been covered by U2 (on the album Elevation).

Enjoy the chords!

Ring og Fire – A Cappella

Home Free has made an a cappella version of “Ring if Fire”. Recommend hearing it!

A cappella means performing a song without its instruments, and just with the vocal performance. Although many bands imitate the instruments with their vocals, like Home Free does in this song.

Home Free can be found on Twitter (@HomeFreeGuys) and on Facebook.

Here’s the link to their song “Ring of Fire” on YouTube.