Johnny Cash

1932 - 2003


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Welcome to an unofficial fan site of Johnny Cash. Hope you find the site interesting and fun. There’s more to come, so check in now and then!

"A great artist through almost 50 years is no longer with us in person, but his spirit lives on in all the songs he has written and the countless songs made famous by him.”

                -Taken from the biography section

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Updated week 25, 2011:

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  2. News updated!

  3. Discography updated!

  4. More Of Old Golden Throat

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  6. New lyrics!

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  8. On The Evening Train

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There's more to come:

  1. More on the biography section

  2. Information on more albums

  3. More chords and lyrics (a lot!!)

  4. Information on the movies he acted in

  5. Sources behind the biography section

  6. Info on popular songs

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  8. Etc..

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